Creating A Personal Business Card

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. The world is a little crazy right now, but we must continue our lives and that include our online college classes. For my portfolio class, I needed to make a personal business card that reflects myself as an artist. I would like to be an Illustrator once I graduate so I wanted to have an illustration on the front of the card to show what kind of things I can draw.

I wanted to try a few different illustrations that I thought would look nice on a business card. I tried to use an old illustration of a zebra I did, it looked nice as a business card, but I found that it didn’t fit me as an artist. Here is a picture of the zebra business card.

I did that illustration a few years ago and I wanted to create something that represented me now. I decided to create a new illustration of rabbits that fit with the style that I am trying to develop. Here is a picture of the new business card design with the rabbit illustration.

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