Creating Artful Spaces

This past week I’ve arrived home after finishing my freshman year. While the year had its ups and downs I’m certainly happy to be home. Being back gives me the opportunity to continue working on what I’ve called my “Coca-Cola Room”. 

A pinup style advertisement hung in the Coca-Cola Room.
50th Anniversary Coca-Cola Advertisement

This is a room, specifically our mud room, where I’ve collected various Coke advertisements and designs. I’ve always had an enjoyment for Coke, but as an artist I can appreciate their advertisements even more so. Specifically, I am a fan of the pinup style ads that Coke has produced. This is because they masterfully incorporate an illustrative style with their iconic logo. Currently, I’m debating on whether or not to include other brands of sodas; still, the idea of making this room teaming in a maximal style with Coke designs is something that makes me happy. 

I highly recommend trying to incorporate design and art into your living space. I’ve personally taken the route of starting my collection via flea markets and antiques for cost effectiveness. Collecting art like this and expressing it through your living space is not only a great talking point but simply something that should be stress free and give you the chance to enjoy yourself and the art.

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