Creating Custom Artwork

Hello everyone. This post is a short one and it is about my new project. I am currently working on an important project for my brother and sister-in-law. The asked me to create a special piece of art for their vow renewal and reception, they want me to paint a guest book painting. I wanted to make this piece is all about them and where they got married.

They got married on the beach, engaged in a flower garden, and the theme of their reception is “love is brewing.” Using these as an inspiration, I created a concept of how I wanted the painting to be. My idea is to have a bouquet of sunflowers in a growler with a custom label of where they got engaged, the growler is in the sand on a beach. I want this painting to be unique, so I got their approval before I started the painting.

I originally wanted to do the painting in water color but I decided to do the painting in acrylic, acrylic paints allow better coverage, bolder colors, and they are more permanent.

This is my practice run of the painting.

I’m currently working on the ocean and sunflowers. The idea is for this painting is to act as a guest book, guests could sign their names on the flower petals on the beach or on the sunflowers. I got my reference pictures from google and from I am using a combination of images to make this painting unique. I used Photoshop to combine my references into one picture to avoid any confusion during the painting.

Their vow renewal date is on August 3rd, so I only have a couple more days to finish this. I will post an update when the painting is done.