Creative Output

There is a lot to be said for creativity and the benefits you get from partaking in creative activities. These dont have to be hardcore art-oriented type things it could be 15minute free writing, keeping a notebook, scribbling on a napkin, doing a few pencil doodles – whatever floats your boat in other words.

work sketch 1

The idea is to have at least some output from your brain before you receive any input. Starting your day by creating something instead of ingesting. Not everyone can do this to a great extent but it’s still worth trying. As for myself during the summer working months I get up quite early and I’m out the door in twenty minutes so instead I try to always make time at my breakfast or lunch break to do some creative output.

Work sketch 2

Not only is it refreshing to have 15 minutes to make a quick sketch and do something I really enjoy but it resets me mentally and gives me some extra focus and stamina. It can also be a bit of a party trick if you’re doing this in public – people always like to see something being drawn.

work sketch 3

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