Cubism + Collage

Today I am writing about my next painting project for advanced painting. The prompt is to chose from one of the major modern art movements starting from cubism. This would include Futurism, Neo-plasticism, surrealism, etc. Ultimately, I chose to work off of the cubist movement because I found it to be the most interesting. Although I was tempted to go down the avenue of my usual, traditional oil painting, my professor suggested I do a collage. Since I’ve never worked on a collage piece before, this will certainly be a big challenge.

Above are some examples of what I hope to accomplish with my collage/painting. I plan to focus on the underlying oil paint on the canvas first. Then, I will add various magazine pieces, drawings, and acrylics on top of that.

My concept is to utilize the aspects of cubism to further the theme of my painting. Cubism was created by organizing the various planes of a 3D object(s) and translating different points of view into one. I would like to use this idea of merging multiple perspectives into one cohesive piece. The theme of my painting will include the fragmentation of memories and how the past can be so easily distorted by our minds.

Here I have many different preliminary sketches to pull from. I plan on keeping a monochrome color palette and use subtle pops of color when necessary. I also am leaning towards the top right composition over the other pieces. The reason for this is because I want to make a painting personal to me while also staying within the confines of cubism.

Although this painting will be a larger (30inx40in) canvas than I am not used to working on, I am excited to complete it and share my progress along the way.

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