Cup of Light

Week 10 Rant

It seems there is always too much going on and never enough time to just reflect on what we learn. It is always rush, rush, and rush. When there are so many papers, projects, and stuff always ahead of you, sometimes we don’t always put our best work or effort in our work. The delicate battle between time and task completion always drives me crazy. My cup is definitely over flowing. But I think if I slow down, and look at what I am doing, and just do my best at that time my cup won’t look as full. So here are a couple photographs of some Landscape/Nature shots I did to recharge me. 

Marywood classes update

Color Photography:
We are working on our portraits in three different ways: Executive Portraits, Fine Art Portraits, and Documentary Portraits. So I am very busy shooting, which makes me happy. As long as I get to do what I love, then it isn’t work. What is work is trying to find inspiration in things I am not normally familiar with. Luckily our professor Niko Kallianiotis is helping us work through these issues. I used one of my fellow bloggers/Zeta member Emma Pilon as a model, check out her ceramics blog.

Advertising Photography:
As I said in my last post I was a little shocked at some of the quality of work. Well, our professor felt the same way and made sure to tell us this week that he doesn’t care that our cup is full. There are too many photographers out there that would be happy to take our cup away from us and leave us to die of thirst! So instead of making it easier for us with just one good jewelry photograph (I already had two), that he wants three now. So, I went and shot again a couple of things but not happy with it so I will be shooting more this week. And I am always shooting to add to my portfolio. So no pictures from my jewelry shoot this week.

Intaglio Printmaking:
My feel good class! Every semester you should have one of those classes that recharge you and just let you go and do great work with no stress involved. We are doing Toray prints and this part of the Intaglio print making process I am in love with. I think if I am ever to completely settle down I will add a printmaking workshop along with a ceramic, photography, culinary, and painting room in my home.


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