Hello everyone! I have another Alternative Digital project we did in class during the spring semester. This is called Cyanotype. Its an old photo processing technique that makes your photos come out blue! (and it’s a very beautiful blue.) I truly never heard of cyanotype before and I was definitely curious, but after doing them in class I loved making them so much that I decided to do it at home over the summer! This is truly the perfect summer project, or if you have a strong UV light.

I got my kit off of Amazon and picked up some other supplies at my local art store. Along with the cyanotype chemicals, you’ll need watercolor paper, brushes, Transparency film to make your negatives, and a picture frame with clips to hold the paper and negative. To develop the pictures you’ll need a dark place to put your paper, some trays to put water, your photo and, of course, the sun or a UV light! If you want to make your image very blue, you can add Hydrogen Proxide.

Since I don’t have a darkroom in my house, the only option was to work in my small closet, which I found to be very funny.

The picture I used to start with is an image I took when I was down the shore. It took some trial and error to get the perfect exposure times, but I finally got it! This is one of my favorite photography processes and I found this process to be similar to developing film.

I hope this photo process has given you a fun summer idea!

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