Day One in the Studio

SUPER, SUPER, happy to be in the studio working already. I am excited to be taking another photography class this semester. The class I am taking is, Design and Illustrative Photography. We already completed our first project!

Here are the photos I took:

We worked closely with lighting. It is a small difference between the two, but if you look closely one is specular lighting (hard shadow) and one is diffused lighting (soft shadow). Our professor, Peter Nardone, teaches us sooo much! He has so much knowledge and really has guided me through all my photography encounters.

Being a designer with photography knowledge is an advantage. Its almost like being a double threat. You can do both and even help someone create that exact image they want.

I really love being exposed to different aspects of the art world. I enjoy doing hands on projects to take a break from the computer. A camera is one of my favorite get aways! As I said before I am so excited to be taking this class. I will keep showing you fun projects I complete throughout the semester.

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