Dealing With Artist’s Block

The past few weeks I’ve been struggling to come up with any art related ideas. Something similar to writer’s block except with all artistic elements. My creativity seems to be showing itself through my baking which is delicious but I’m out of butter soooo…

It’s hard to deal with a creativity block especially when having a blog post to keep up with every week. Plus I had never really had this problem up until now. There was the time when I had to come up with a concentrated subject for my senior year portfolio but even then I had plenty of ideas in my head to choose from.

I think it’s always been harder in the summer to practice creativity skills especially when you don’t have all the resources you do at school. There are a few websites I use for figure and muscle studies and of course I use Pinterest to look for ideas (as I have probably mentioned before Pinterest is an amazing tool and I love it).

There are some ideas that have been popping up in my head that I hope to try next week but it’s been difficult – starting projects and drawings and paintings and then losing the enthusiasm to complete them. Or sometimes getting lost halfway though a painting and being completely befuzzled on what to do next with it.

So, until next week, I hope to have at least accomplished one idea in full to share with all of you.

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