Digital Pen-work

I have been practicing with digital illustration extensively. Utilizing the pen and brush tools, I am striving for work that looks as if it was done with pen and ink. Laying in each line is no problem for me, but the fact that I rush the placement takes away from the intricacy of the piece. I believe the piece still looks good when I rush it, but I know that it could be improved by taking my time.

Below are three examples of progress with line work.

Untitled 6

Here, I dialed in with the smaller lines, which came out much better than my previous pieces. The downside is that I gave in and threw down the black in the background instead of making it more detailed. 

Untitled 6 copy

This piece required the least amount of line work, but I attempted to really be careful with the placement. This is a definite improvement from the first piece that I completed.

Untitled 7

This was my third piece done with practicing line work. This was extremely successful in comparison to my others. The biggest factor I focused on was the use of direction by creating lines in pointing different ways. You can especially see it in the creel and his waders. By combining both intricate line work, patience, and direction, I am coming to a newfound solution to replicating a digital illustration that looks “real”.


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