DIY Gifts

First of all, I hope everyone had a good holiday! I finished all my projects for my friends before Christmas and I really like how they turned out. Last week, I showed the first DIY project of the mushroom from Mario. I have updated it by adding a background of the layout of the game! I think it made it a lot more interesting and is a good distraction from my mistakes.

I also finished the cacti string art and added some orange to the wood to make it pop out more. I really like how it came out even though it is a bit slanted. Lastly, was a Dandelion for other friend with a quote from her favorite movie The Princess Bride. It came out ok but I was so tired of hammering nails that I just wanted to get it done.

I do plan to do more string art in the future. My original plan was to make some for my family too but it was too much work doing so many in a two weeks. I think I am just going to make them one for their birthdays instead! Hopefully I’ll get better in time.

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