Dorm Room Decor

For the past two years my dorm room walls have been filled with pictures of my family and friends from home and my huge beach poster. Over the summer I have been thinking of different ways to change it up a little.

Like I have mentioned in other posts, I love the beach and I love quotes and sayings, so I took two of those things and made four 8×10 painted canvases that I will hang on my wall in my room! I wanted it to be beached themed so of course I went on Pinterest and started looking up different beach quotes that I liked. I decided to do four because I made two about the ocean and those are a light blue, so I made the other two a sand color and those quotes are about your journey through life and memories. With each quote I added a picture of something that goes with the beach/nautical theme.

This little project also helped me brush up on my fonts. After I picked the quotes, I went into Illustrator and tried out several different fonts that would make it fit the beach theme. I went with a lot of curvy, wavy, handwritten fonts to represent the beach. One of my favorite things about studying graphic design is being able to choose from such a large variety of fonts! So you can imagine how long it took me to find one that liked!

Below are three pictures of the finished wall pieces. It’s always great to display your art work where you and others can see it, and what better place to hang your art work than in your dorm room or your room at home! So pick up your favorite medium to work in and start making your own wall decor!




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