Do’s and Don’ts for Job Interviews

Job Interviews can be very intimidating… that is, if you don’t prepare for them well.

I have done some research on Job Interviews and have come up with a list of Do’s and Don’ts to share with you.

interview Do’s 

  • take a practice run to the location where the interview is being held
  • research the company that you have applied for
  • dress appropriately
  • plan to arrive 10 – 15 min early
  • bring extra résumés to the interview; and if you have a job-skills portfolio bring that with you too
    • And especially for art majors it is great to have a portfolio of your art work
  • shake hands firmly when you greet your interviewer(s)
  • have high confidence and energy level but not too aggressive
  • show what you can do for the company, not so much what the company can do for you
  • ask intelligent questions

interview Don’ts

  • memorize or over-rehearse your answers
  • arrive late, it is never excusable
  • chew gum during the interview
  • just rely on your application or résumé; you need to sell yourself to the interviewer as well
  • avoid using poor language, slang, and pause words (yo, like, um, yeah)
  • lie and don’t over-answer questions
  • answer questions with a simple “yes” or “no”

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