Like most artists, drawing was the first medium of art that I discovered. Ever since I was a kid I was constantly drawing little stories, the thoughts I had in my head and so on and so forth. It wasn’t until about middle-school/high-school where it really became something that I took seriously. As we all know those formative early-to-late teen years are a very hard time for anyone, we are all pimply faced insecure kids CONSTANTLY yearning for acceptance from equally pimply faced insecure kids who are just as confused and afraid as you. It really takes a lot of mental and emotional effort just to get through any given day so that’s when drawing really became my nirvana.

You have very little control in as a teenager but when I sat down to draw I had total control over that piece of paper. Yeah, sure, my teeth were hurting after a braces tightening from the orthodontist and the girl I liked didn’t even know my name, but I could draw!! And draw I did. I drew a lot, and for a long time, to bring me solace through those years. Then, eventually, the braces came off, my face cleared up and that girl never did end up learning my name but it didn’t matter anymore! I never did put down the pencil however. In fact I started drawing more, learned that I can paint pretty well in the process so, I applied to Marywood’s fantastic art department, got in, and the rest is history!

The reason I bring up drawing now is because as we go into our winter break, students no longer have access to the studios on a regular bases. I plan on really focusing on drawing to stay productive. Painting, although its my primary medium, is a whole process while drawing is a much more easy going experience for me. I mean, what’s better than sitting down with a nice cup of tea, great album playing in the background as you draw Baby Yoda? Not many things I tell you! The things I like to draw primarily are people, maybe a character from history or a movie I like, people who give inspiration or, honestly, I just want a picture of. As I share pictures with all of you you’ll see what I mean! And finally, i’d like for you all to do some drawing this break! Good vibes only!

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