Dream Studio

For an art experiential this week, I was asked to design my dream studio! I was super excited to do this as I had already sketched out my ideal space but had not really thought about what materials I would want nor, what kind of art mediums I would want to pursue in my own art studio someday.

I knew I wanted to have a space for painting and quilting. However, I really love the idea for having a much larger space to pursue textile arts beyond quilting. I also wish to have a space for ceramics, writing, and card making. So I made a diorama of my ideal art studio using various items to represent what I hope to create in the fabulous space.

Naturally, I wanted walls with a very faint yellow, almost white but with purple waves and red dots for a border at the top of my walls, and what doesn’t say art studio than a purple rug! I used watercolors and sharpies to create this effect on the walls, and used purple fleece for the rug.

For the painting area, I have a cute mini-easel and canvas. Sitting at the base of the canvas is a dolphin stamp for card making area. I have various fabrics for both dying fabric but also for quilting. Naturally, I wish to make fabric or even tapestry so I would love to have a weaving loom. So most likely I will need high ceilings. For projects using yarn like blankets, scarves, etc., I have a ball of light teal yarn with a crochet hook, and a daffodil cross-stitch mini design up on the background too. I included a small business card size of my book Seishin, written under my pen name Eli Makenzie, for my writing area. Finally, a small child-size ceramic pitcher with a yellow finch perched on it, as I would love a nice space to make ceramics while looking out large windows that let in a lot of natural lighting. The yellow finch is symbolic of one spiritually elevating and that is my wish to create a spirit-first art studio.

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