Dual Major

Hello everyone!

As I’m gearing up for finals week, I’m also finally declaring my second major! It’s been decided for roughly a year now, but it hasn’t been until this past week that I have been able to officially take on the task of a dual major.

One of the steps within the process of declaring an add hoc major is also writing a statement of purpose. Being that I am currently an Arts Administration major, it was almost effortless to explain why I am thrilled to be pairing it with Art History. For me, I feel like it would be nearly impossible to be adequate at any curatorial position without a minimum of 6 art history courses. I am currently finished with 6 and am enrolled in another 3 next semester.

I have also decided to enroll in a Graphic Design studio and a Photography studio. Throughout my studies of art history, I have found it to be rather difficult to truly appreciate a piece of art while being ignorant to how it is made. I feel that if I can appreciate the skill and effort that was put into a specific piece, it will draw a closer connection between myself as a critic and the artist.

Now that I have officially declared my second major, I am incredibly proud of the fact that in December, I will be graduating a semester early with not one degree, but two. I had a rough start at Marywood and had to switch my major during my second semester of Freshman year. After that, I felt so behind that I was determined to try to catch up until I eventually surpassed the credits for a junior.

To all of my fellow college peers, I wish you the best of luck on your final exams!

Thanks as always for the read!

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