This week I have been working on my E-Portfolio, which is an electronic portfolio. This is a requirement for me to do in one of my business classes and I thought I would hate making this but I actually found it fun!

I made my E-Portfolio through this website called Weebly, where they gave me templates to start off on and then I was able to change, add, or delete whatever I wanted. I have an Home page along with an About, Resume, Blog, Timeline, and Contact page. I added the Blog page so when someone clicks on it another tap will open with this blog showing up! I have also added an Timeline of my artwork where I show work that I have done from high school until now. Unfortunately that is the only section that is not done due to my computer crashing which deleted lots of my photos, so before the end of the semester I have to retake photos of work that I have done here at Marywood.

I think a lot of students have one today, but if not this is definitely something to put your work in to add to your paper portfolio. Its a nice touch and shows that you can make a website to show off your skills!

Here is my current website, AmberWeebly!

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