Emerging Artists: Darlene Blaurock

Hi everyone! This week I’d like to return to the Emerging Artists Series from Heckscher Museum to share one of the featured artists. The artist that took over their Instagram this week was one I was looking forward to, and I’m excited to finally share her work! Her name is Darlene Blaurock, and she is an art teacher from Wantagh, New York. In 2018, she decided to begin making art for herself again. She creates mixed-media collages, using found objects and paint. She describes her process as spiritual; her work tends to come to life throughout her process.

If the Devil is 6 then GOD is 7, Darlene Blaurock

This piece, If the Devil is 6 then GOD is 7, was Blaurock’s first piece in this style. As she added each layer, she found herself recognizing religious symbols. She then painted the face and found a resemblance to Jesus in it. I find her process fascinating because shes goes in without a plan. It’s almost like she allows the art to make itself – she is just the medium used. Balurock’s process allows her to truly enjoy art making, and it is something that I think everyone should experience. Artists tend to be their own worst critic – I know I am way too critical of my own work. This is something that I’ve been trying to let go of, and I keep finding artists that inspire me to be more free with my art making process. Blaurock has certainly been added to that list!

Live Life with Intensity, Darlene Blaurock

This is my favorite piece that Blaurock shared during her take over. Live Life with Intensity is about not giving up on your goals and pursuing the best things in life. The warm pinks inspire feelings of love and passion. The dancing figures and butterflies show ease and a carefree nature. I believe that if you are doing what you love, you will always be happy. That is what this piece tells me; it reminds me to do what makes me happy, both in my career and in my personal life. Similar to the piece above, Blaurock let the piece come to life on its own. She claims that the title was not chosen by her, but was instead presented to her in the piece. The sheet music she included has these words printed on it, and it shows through on the figure’s cheek. Blaurock felt like this was meant to be the title, and I think it is very fitting.

Here are some more of her pieces:

I am really grateful for this series that Heckscher Museum is doing because it exposes me to new artists that are from my area. It’s really inspiring to see how much talent I’m surrounded by on Long Island, and I feel so lucky to be there. Darlene Blaurock will be having a solo exhibit at the Industry Gallery in Huntington, New York on June 24th, and since I’ll be home for the summer I plan to try to attend if I can! I’ll be sure to share that with you all if I do.

I hope you enjoyed Blaurock’s work as much as I did! I’ve always been drawn to collages and mixed media, especially using found materials like sheet music or book paper, so I’m so glad Blaurock was featured this past week. Check her out on Instagram, artalatte.

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