Empty Bowls and Generous People

This past Friday, April 1, 2016, was First Friday Scranton and the best First Friday at that! Zeta Omicron’s Empty Bowl Project was a huge success! Within the first hour there were crowds of people coming and handfuls of bowls being bought. There were many bowls and many scoops of ice cream being exchanged throughout the night. Thanks to the dedicated members of Zeta Omicron there was not one thing in the night that was unwatched or unable to be taken care of. The event went smoothly and was well organized.

To our pleasant surprise, members of the Meals on Wheels organization came to the event to show support! Everyone that came in loved the amount of choices between glazes and design of our hand-made bowls. The whole night was very exciting seeing everyone love our bowls and more importantly loved our cause! Even more exciting I am proud to announce that Zeta will be able to donate over $2,000 to Meals on Wheels NEPA!

ceramic bowls at First Friday Zeta Omicron would like to specially thank Marywood’s business club Net Impact for allowing us to use the downtown space of their building to hold this event, Scoops ice cream for donating the chocolate and vanilla ice cream we served along with every bowl purchase, and Creekside Gardens for donating a cooler to preserve our ice cream throughout the night! We would also like to thank Meals on Wheels NEPA for allowing us to make a contribution to their amazing organization. Most importantly, we would like to thank Marywood’s ceramic studio who generously donated all of the clay and glazes necessary to make our 250 ceramic bowls. Not only were all of our bowls able to be fired on time, but we also received hand made bowls donated from faculty and ceramic students which allowed us to reach our goal of selling 250 bowls this past First Friday! Thank you to all of these organizations who so generously contributed to this night!

Last but not least I’d like to personally thank the special members of Zeta Omicron who worked tirelessly to make this event such a success. From throwing bowls, to setting up for the event, to running the event the night of, if it wasn’t for your dedication to this cause the night would not have been amazing as it was! And a special thank you to my good friend and our amazing vice president Emma Pilon! If it wasn’t for her idea to have this event last year at a Zeta meeting and her persistence along with her talent in pottery this event would not be what it is today!

If it wasn’t for the people who were so dedicated to the arts in relationship with service this event would not have been possible! It just goes to show you what many talented and dedicated people working together for a good cause can do!

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