End of My Foundations Year

Hi everyone! I can’t believe the end of the semester is already here; by the time this is posted, it will officially be summer! I’m looking forward to being home this summer for a much needed break – for beach days, vacations, and getting to see my friends and family. Starting my first year of college, especially during a pandemic, was difficult, but I was able to push through it. So, with my first year of college ending (and my first semester on this blog!), I’d like to share some of my favorite pieces that I have done this year!

Color Study

This first piece is from my first semester 2D Design and Color class with Dennis Corrigan. We were supposed to pick one color and pre-mix ten variations of that color using acrylic paint. He wanted us to use these to paint a figure using shapes, as well as create a grid of the colors next to the figure. I chose to paint my niece, and chose yellow because it represents happiness. I really love this one because I love that I was able to capture her lively, happy energy while basically using one color. I also think it’s cool that I could represent the features of the face using shapes and blocks of color, which is not something I usually do.

Color Note Still Life

This piece is from Painting I with Collier Parker, which I took this semester. This class was my first time properly using oil paint (I had tried and given up in high school), so it was a bit scary at first. I found myself hesitant to use dark paint and various colors for fear of exaggerating the painting too much. However, this piece really opened up my mind. Professor Parker had us paint a still life using small 1 inch boxes called color notes. He explained to us that if we placed a note on an object, the next one we placed had to be outside the object. This was meant to keep our eyes moving across the entire scene instead of focusing on one portion for too long. This piece really allowed me to grasp that concept, suddenly understanding what he meant by placing warms and cools next to each other and looking everywhere to understand how the different colors affect each other. I liked that I got to experiment more with color, and appreciate that I am now able to do that in the future, like in the next piece I’ll show you!

One Point Perspective

I only finished this painting a few days ago, but I love how it came out. I started it using light washes of colors, like I had learned to do from the previous painting. I found myself looking for colors within what I was looking at. My brain knew that the walls were white, but my eyes saw greens and purples. This was a hard distinction at first; it’s hard to challenge what you already know with what you actually see. I’m glad that the color note painting effectively changed the way I view the world, because otherwise this simple one-point perspective painting would not have felt so full of life.

Moon Lamp

The last piece I’ll share is this lamp from my 3D Design class with Heidi Schmidt, which was one of our last projects this semester. We had to make a lamp while keeping negative space and positive space in mind. My first thought was to make something that my nieces would enjoy. I ultimately decided on trying to represent the moon in a crescent stage. I used about 10 strips of bristol board curved into circle, which were then staggered within each other. The light bulb sits in the center and is covered by the bristol board on the right, which comes out towards you, but is able to shine onto the bristol board on the left which comes out towards the back. I’m really excited with how this turned out! I really liked this class because even though I’m not much of a 3-dimensional artist, I was able to learn a lot of problem solving skills that I know are the basis for the rest of my art career.

I truly had a great first year at Marywood, and especially in the art department. The professors here are amazing and push you to do your best. I’m looking forward to more years here which will allow me to explore my skills even more. If you’re interested in the art department her at Marywood, you can learn more about it here.

I really enjoyed writing for you all this semester, and I’m so happy to be able to continue this summer. I have some museum trips planned and I have a couple ideas for posts that I can’t wait for, so I hope you’ll all like them too!

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