End of Semester

When this past spring semester came to an end I was still waiting for some of my ceramic pieces to finish in the glaze fire. I had collected all of them except two. These two pieces being a cat and chip bowl. In regards to the cat, I glazed it a little differently compared to the rest. For this one, I first put down a layer of white glaze and then once that dried I used top glaze with color for more detail. I chose to use the colors yellow, black, and blue. I used black for the face and ears, and blue and yellow were for the mushroom on the cat’s back. I decided to use these colors because of my own kitten, Grey. He inspired this piece because I wanted to create something different from what I was previously doing, and the color choices were because blue and yellow are two colors that remind me of him. He is a very important part of my life so I wanted to create an art piece that represents and reminds me of him that will last a long time.

The second piece that finished after the semester is my chip bowl. This bowl was one of my favorite pieces to make compared to the rest because I enjoy the way the glaze came out, it is slightly more complex, and I am super excited to use it. As a part of the design, I wrote the word “chip” in the smaller bowl and “dip” in the bigger bowl. I originally did this because I thought it was funny since my impression was that most people would do the opposite and when I use it it would be the opposite. My professor actually informed me that it was technically the proper way to actually use the bowl by putting the dip in the big spot and the chips in the small spot. I thought this was funny because I did not know that. Like they say “ya learn something new every day.” Another aspect about the bowl that I enjoy is the way the glaze came out on the mushroom, it has a patchy white with a brown that looks a little like gold. This was not the intention, however it has a unique look to it and I think it works with the rest of the bowl.

Now that the semester is officially over I am interested and excited to see what art I can create or engage with throughout the summer. I do not have a set plan about what art there will be so it will be a surprise!

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