Endless Mountains Spirit

For all you ceramics enthusiasts out there, there is an exhibit in the Suraci Gallery that you should check out. “The Endless Mountains Spirit” will be on display until May 8th, and there will be a Gallery Talk on April 22nd at 3 PM. On April 29th there will also be a screening of To Spring From the Hand: The life and work of Paulus Berensohn in the Swartz Center at 5:30 PM.

This exhibit features works done by Paulus Berensohn, M.C. Richards, and other artists that worked at the Endless Mountains Farm north of Scranton. The artists all met here to collaborate and turn their visions into clay creations. Berensohn purchased the farm in 1965, which served as a source of inspiration as well as studio space.DSC_2558

I really enjoyed the glazing done on this piece by Deborah (Miller) Grace in 1973. Every piece had the same color palette, but I like the addition of the tree. Overall the style of the pots is very natural and organic. The colors are neutral and even the shapes of the pots are not perfect and smooth. DSC_2555I have never been to the Endless Mountains Farm, but the art was able to set the scene and show me what the place was like.

The exhibit will be on display until May 8th, so check it out now and become inspired by the Endless Mountains like these artists were.

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