Enjoy The Summer

Hello everyone! Now that we have some time on our hands I’m really looking forward to spending more time outdoors and enjoying the warmer weather. There is this one quote by Vincent Van Gogh that I love which reminds me of being outside in the spring and summer: “I always think that what we need is sunshine and fine weather and blue air as the most dependable remedy.”

This got me thinking of some of his many works that he did of the outdoors and especially when flowers and trees were in bloom as the weather got warmer in the spring. The White Orchard and The Pink Orchard are two works that came to mind, as he made both of these as soon as spring had come.

Looking at both of these, I love the bright greens in the grass and the bright blues of the sky. Then you have the little dashes of white and pink of the flower petals, along with the wisps of white in the clouds. I really love these paintings for how colorful and alive they are. Van Gogh really captures the liveliness of the scene not only in color but also the life that comes from the new growth of trees and flowers.

It reminds me of being outside, enjoying the warmth, and looking forward to seeing the flowers bloom. Looking at the paintings it feels like you’re standing there and a breeze could come through. It’s very peaceful.

I hope everyone has a great day and enjoys the warm weather!

Featured Images courtesy of Van Gogh Museum

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