Environmental Light in Color

Spring semester in your sophomore year you take Color and the Negative Reversal Process class with Niko Kallianiotis. This guy loves to “Take it to the next level,” he says in his heavy Greek accent. This was a great class because he got us taking so many pictures and our critiques were always interesting. The only thing that was difficult was it seemed every time we wanted to go out and do shoots with him it was freezing cold! He taught us so much about color and street photography (which he is amazing at!). Our first assignment was back to doing Environmental Portraits, this time using color. An environmental portrait is basically taking pictures of people in their environment. We think we found the Wolverines long lost cousin.


At Marywood art classes are often small so each student gets lots of individual attention from faculty. This particular class had 7 Photography majors and a few minors, so used each other as our models. Here are a couple more portraits (Erika, Ally, Meaghan).

Another class you’ll get to take as a photo major is Alternative Digital Imaging (Photoshop 2). Personally, I was not a fan of that class but when when you take a class with Yoda you get a lot more than what you sign up for. We laugh and say if we could comprehend just 10% of what he teaches us that would make us the next Ansel Adams! In the end I found myself actually liking the class. Shhhhhh don’t tell Sam, let that be our little secret.


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