Exploring Nay Aug Park

This week for my class Green Piece, we went on a field trip to the Everhart museum, and then explored nearby Nay Aug Park. Our class went to the Everhart museum specifically to look at the stuffed birds and their habitats. Personally, I did not enjoy looking at stuffed birds, no matter how exotic or how long they have been extinct. I felt bad for the birds, they died only for us to look at them more closely. I know they can be used to study their species but I still feel like it is wrong.

Our assignment was to go throughout Nay Aug Park and take some pictures that illustrated the romantic, sublime, picturesque, and natural wonder concepts. Then we have to print out 2 photos that belong to each concept and present then in class the following week. I am still struggling with the concepts because they are similar to me. The sublime concept in photography can be defined as having the quality of overwhelming greatness, intensity, and etc, that for a person to perceive or comprehend the photo is overwhelmed for a period of time. Picturesque is defined as anything that is pretty or attractive to the person. Natural wonder can be defined as a natural site that was not altered or created by people. Romantic is a bit hard to define, it is something that is meant to bring about a strong emotion within the viewer.

While in Nay Aug, I took many pictures and it is hard for me to place pictures in these concepts. Therefore, throughout the week, I might change or mix up these photos.

The photos I chose for the romantic concept are:

The photos I chose for the sublime concept are:

The photos I chose for the natural wonder concept are:

Lastly, the photos I chose for the picturesque concept are:

What do you think? Did I get it right?

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