Exploring the Met

If you have ever visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, then you know it could potentially take up to a few full days to extensively cover the grounds in its entirety and see everything there is to see. In the never ending historical maze, there are hidden gems and exhibits that one can visit for a certain length of time until they change it out for another one.

On my most recent visit to the Met, I was really taken with the temporary exhibit involving Masterpieces of Chinese painting. This exhibit is has been up for about a year and will close on October 11th, 2016. The Met already has an abundance of Asian art, but this particular exhibit is set according to a timeline to show the progression of painting throughout the ancient dynasties. Chinese art has greatly influenced modern day illustration, with attention to the tiniest details. I was floored by the graceful strokes of paint that made up a bamboo tree, the tiny feathers visible on birds, and the mystery of not knowing who several of the artists were.

I plan on returning to the Met at the end of October on our next Marywood Art Bus trip to New York City and am excited to continue my exploration of the museum. This time I plan to focus on graphic design related art/artists, perhaps to gain some influence for upcoming projects of my own or even to apply for an internship at the Met. I have learned so much through only a few recent visits and cannot wait to see more!

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