Eye See

Ever wonder why, when the pencil is in your hand, the paint is mixed and ready, you can’t capture the image you are intending to? Why are some concepts in Art so difficult for us to bring life to? I believe it is because those things we try to capture are pulsating endlessly, they never stop breathing life into themselves and their surroundings. Therefore, our supplies, our colors, our passions sometimes just aren’t enough to bring a new image to these things…and that’s okay. The beauty is in the mystery. The best examples I can think of, of these maddening images, would be both nature and the human eye. We can draw a tree but it will never look like the reference we may prefer to use, or the trees you see in your backyard…but the image you have created is in fact a tree, one that you see with your owns eyes and through your own mind. Maybe we do actually bring some life into the objects we try to capture, then. As we look into the eyes of someone we see waves of color, emotion, life. It is almost impossible to look at the same image on paper and feel that life. But maybe as we take it through our own creative minds, we give it a different, maybe new, life.

Objects, things, people, places, they all have something that is not meant to be captured, I think. They exist for us to wonder, to analyze and feel. Looking into human eyes, you can feel the color, the art itself. I will continue to try and capture what I see, and maybe will be satisfied with the result, but it is only a brief moment taken from the life of those eyes, those trees. The art we create is a still image of the exchange of life we felt between ourselves and those images. Never stop experiencing, feeling, breathing life. Artist or not we were all put here to experience being human and tapping into emotion…living life.

Featured image: Barbara Baldi, https://www.flickr.com/photos/barbara-bargiggia/8568358479/

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