“Face Reality” with Matt Catanzaro

Hello everyone! I want to invite all of Marywood University’s art students to come out and support a fellow student, Matt Catanzaro. There will be an art gallery event on October 24th to mid November in the Kresge Gallery with artwork created by Matt Catanzaro. The theme of the show is a visual commentary of modern society. It is an event that is open to the public, so please come by and see the show.

Matt Catanzaro is a senior in Marywood’s Graphic Design program with minors in Art History, Philosophy, and Illustration. Matt is also a musician and writer, soon he will be recording music and revising his first book. As an artist, he likes to keep busy. He became interested in painting last year and has been hooked ever since. The inspiration for the show came from our current time and society we live in. A quote from Matt Catanzaro “In a way, a lot of art is documentation. It shows the viewer what was going on at that time and the artists take on that”.

Matt believes that he is just painting scenes from his everyday life. It’s not what the artist creates, it’s how it’s created. Matt tries to paint common scenes of modern society in ways that are conflicting to the viewers. The scene may be recognizable and familiar but how the figures look, the colors, and the feeling given to that scene is new. It is up to the viewers to decide if the painting is hiding a deeper message. The message of the show is not to take life so seriously. Laugh and be able to laugh with others. So please come and enjoy the show “Face Reality”.

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