Fall Fairs

Hello everyone! For this week I’d like to tell you all about the Wine Witches and Warlocks craft fair that happened at the Circle Drive-in and highlight fun fall fairs in general. October is upon us, and this means that things are gonna get spooky from here on out. The spooky season comes with fun things to do though, and I do enjoy a good craft fair.

At the Circle Drive-in this weekend there were many vendors of crafts and food, and despite the weather, good times were had! Because of the rain, I didn’t get any pictures of my own, but the crafts and vendors there were very friendly and talented. Some of the artists there have been working on their craft for many years, and I’d like to say that I really loved seeing and talking to a variety of experienced people. Especially artists!

I think everyone should try and do themselves a favor and get out this fall! This is only the beginning of the spooky season, and there will be more craft fairs and events to come!

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