Fearless Followup

Last week I encouraged you all to go for something that you may have been afraid to do. I emphasized the importance of putting yourself out there and embracing your talents. This week I would like to provide a followup to those words.

Last week I decided to submit two literary works and an Art piece to Marywood’s literature and art magazine, The Bayleaf. Saying I was nervous was an understatement, but as we all know, I like to live by the advice I was given to “Do Something Crazy.” Given that I very often play it safe, this is as crazy as I get. But for me that is just fine, I am in the process of working on my level of rebellion. It is difficult to share your personal work with people in general, but sharing it to openly get judged is even worse. But hey, what do we really have to lose? We need to fail and fall in order to rise and conquer. So as far as my endeavors go, I want you to know that although I was apprehensive about my choice to submit my work it helped me to be more confident in myself. I actually won and one of my literary works will be published. Even though I had to get a little push to go for it, I did and ended up surprising myself; and of all things, one of my writings made it. Looks like I will be exploring an entirely new medium.

I want to leave you, this week, with the idea that sometimes you need to not only come out of your shell, but leap out in a fantastic cyclone of your own wonderful individuality. We are artists, and everything is subjective. Take a chance and get knocked down. Welcome the mistakes that will eventually bloom into achievements. Until next time!

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