Felt Coffee

This is a ten-part series in reviewing and experiencing through art experiential’s, the book by Cathy A. Malchiodi, The Soul’s Palettethe book we are studying in my Intro to Arts and Healing art therapy course.

Chapter 3: Enhancing Your Creative Birthright

This chapter by far had me thinking of so much from my life of when I was creative and when I was not. Everything from what sources inspired me like the Serendipity series of books by Stephen Cosgrove when I was a kid; to my third-grade art class getting bullied by peers over how horrible my drawings were. It was interesting to go through this chapter and the many ways Malchiodi stirred the mind and not-mind to reclaim being creative.

It was my mom who kept me creative during my childhood by teaching me cross-stitching and sewing on the sewing machine. This led to my interests in quilting and eventual obsession with textile arts. However, I decided to give this chapter a chance to help me experience reclaiming even more of my creative self by asking some of the same questions and then trying the not-knowing method to come up with something creative to reflect this chapter in an artistic expression.

So I went to Hobby Lobby with no goal in mind while ruminating on memories of my childhood, as well as acknowledging the symbols I surround myself with that give me joy. Did I have a favorite activity when I was younger that vanished? I loved to cut and paste. I loved to work in coloring books. I always had a mug of some kind to stay connected to my maternal grandmother. I love scents and bright, bold colors. The not-knowing part took me to the aisle with a variety of felting materials. Not a surprise since I was feeling feelings and felt it would work to use actual felt to do something fun. I ended up making a travel cup with a fun coffee quote on a silly background.

This chapter is a game-changer and could help me help others tap into using the arts both in therapy and on their own.

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