Felt Pen Work

Working with the felt pen has been really enjoyable. Using different sizes, I can create different effects.

Looking below, I used three different sizes (which I can’t remember) a super fine, a medium size, and a bold tip. I went in first with the fine tip and placed minimal outlines and placements for the figure. The thicker came next to create the middle values of the shadows… coming in last with the bold to make the darkest darks. I really like the result of this process.

Untitled 5

“REACH” – Felt Pen on Paper

This illustration is taking a step back to my crayon drawings. I wanted to capture the satisfaction/happiness on his face, but would have liked to make him “smile with his eyes” more. I added more yellow to the skin tone to make it a bit more vibrant, even the bright orange in the glass is glowing. I finished the piece with the same maroon color from his tie in both the outline and background. I like placing the color in the border; it creates a harmony and grabs you.

Untitled 6 copy

“MAROON” – Felt Pen and Crayon on Paper

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