Figures from Reference

For this week I decided to continue with more pencil work. I have begun to put more focus on the direction of the lines. This is important because by following the contours of the surfaces on the figures, it creates a realistic effect instead of a 2-dimensional drawing. I have also started not only look at famous people, but also at vintage photographs; especially those from LIFE magazine. I look at the photos and use figures as reference to create a unique caricature that utilizes the poses and facial expressions and I craft the features from imagination.

I usually leave the background untouched, but am curious as to what effect it would have if I completely shaded it in. I believe the stark contrast will force the figure forward and make it extremely pronounced… this will be next weeks goal.

Untitled 7
“GIL” – Pencil on Paper
Untitled 6 copy
“CREW” – Pencil on Paper
Untitled 1
“STEVE” – Pencil on Paper, Steve McQueen

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