Film Fix and Portraits

I recently realize I never explained my troubles when I first started developing film. The first time I developed, this bright magenta strip formed. Sam and I could not figure out why, but thanks to him and some of his research, we learned that in order to get rid of the strip, I simply need to put my film in the fixer much longer than I think. Even now, after MANY developed pieces of film, I still struggle with the magenta appearing but feel much better knowing there is a fix and that my prints will not be ruined from the shading difference.

Mackenzie Thomas

Strips on multiple negatives

In other news, I did start doing portrait photography since I have finished printing all my still lives. It is a much different experience. Firstly, I am not one who likes posing people for photographs. I love taking candids more than anything, but using an older camera where you have to measure light, you obviously cannot to candids. Taking photos of people is still the same process, but the model must be able to sit still for a longer period of time compared to having a picture taken by a digital camera. I really enjoyed testing out portraits on the view camera though and I cannot wait to do more.

I took four different photos with my classmate Brianna. In the first image, she is just sitting on a stool in a comfortable manor with her eyes closed. In the second one, she is simply sitting in a display cube, but she is staring down at a skull. In the third one, I took the photo from behind Brianna so I could take a picture of her reflection in a mirror in a way so you could see her full body, Finally, I took a picture of her beside her reflection, with her looking at herself. I am beyond excited to see how all these look after the final print.

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