Final Critique

Everyone knows that finals week is upon us and the pressure is setting in. A ton of papers to write last minute and cramming for those tests. That’s what comes with the college life, but if you’re an art or architecture major you know there’s more to finals week than just paperwork. On top of the papers and tests there are final critiques. Sometimes there are even final projects that need to be finished and not enough time to do them.

The best way to deal with the pressure is to sleep. We’ve all pulled an all-nighter at one point or another but I can tell you from personal experience this makes things worse. I’m sure if you’re a student and you’re reading this you know what I mean. Every year around this time students get sick from not getting enough sleep. Sometimes you just have to put off your project until tomorrow. If you work through the night you might not put your best effort into it.

Everyone has there own way of dealing with stress, so try and find yours. Even if it is just listening to music. Just take a deep breath and remember that Christmas break is almost here. Good luck!

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