Final Drawing

Perhaps the most prized moment of fly fishing is holding your catch. At some times, after hours of no fish, one feels defeated. The excitement of the fight and then finally bringing the trout in all lead up to holding one of natures miracles.

Words cannot describe the feeling that the fisherman experiences whilst holding their catch. Seeing a photo of a trout is one thing, but to be able to see it up close is a wonderful opportunity. Many times, a photo will be taken, but also it may not; leaving only fish stories to be told with or without proof of the catch. I was fortunate to snap a photo of my brother with his trout, although not the biggest, it does not matter.

Untitled 3

I chose yellow as the background to signify happiness within the moment. I was debating using orange again or red, but stuck with yellow to keep with the warmer color theme. The yellow also works well with the blue of his windbreaker. I also used a variety of colors for the trout itself instead of two or three. I also adjusted the colors of the vest to work with the piece better. Using the shadow effect, I made sure that there was a vignette effect to draw the eye towards the center of the page.

The next post will contain all of the drawings one by one, so the viewer can see how they look as a whole.

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