Final Post

Hi everyone!

I can’t believe it but this is my final post! It’s crazy to think about all the things that have happened since my first post. I’m so grateful for this position because it gave me the opportunity to look deeper within myself and find areas within my field that really interest me. I’ve been able to reflect on my journey through classes, projects, research, internships, and my absolute love for art history. I thought for a final time, I would do just that and reflect on my favorite artist one last time here.

Vincent Van Gogh will always have me mesmerized and so as my position here comes to an end, and so does the summer, it got me thinking again about the many paintings he did of summertime flowers and nature. With the warm yellows, lively greens, and refreshing cool blues, these paintings will always draw me in and have me thinking of summertime walks through the park or a garden.

Sunflowers, Field with Irises Near Arles, Irises, and Butterflies and Poppies are just some of his paintings that come to mind when thinking of summer. All of these works remind me of some of my favorite parts during summer though. The golden glow of Sunflowers reminds me of the beautiful sunsets, while Field with Irises Near Arles reminds me of going on picnics and relaxing while looking at a bright blue sky. And Irises and Butterflies and Poppies remind me of walking around Nay Aug Park through the gardens looking at the flowers and seeing the occasional monarch butterfly floating in between.

While I simply love these paintings and how they remind me of the summer, I am also excited for the changes coming and the new journeys ahead. Thank you to everyone who’s read a post of mine and good luck to everyone with the start of the semester!

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