Finals Finals Finals

Finals Week is here and everyone knows what that means…. no sleep, lots of coffee, and lots of studying / projects.

As for design majors we have projects as our finals. This semester for my final projects I have been working on three things:

  1. A Zine for one class about what makes me happy.
  2. A desktop wallpaper competition, which was very interesting because I never really realized how many different size electronic devices use desktop wallpapers. Everyone in our class created their own desktop wallpaper in two versions, one with a calendar and then another with the same design just without the calendar. Then we submitted it to which holds a contest for calendar wallpapers each month.
  3. A brochure that I have been working on for the interior architecture students (which I had mentioned in my last blog post).

I’m really excited for all my projects and I can’t wait to see how they look when I put them all together! Happy Studying and Designing!

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