Find Your Flow

Within any new beginning comes a laundry list of words synonymous with “scary”.  Student teaching is no different, especially with an extremely active art classroom. I have now completed 5 out of 8 weeks at my first placement and I think I am starting to find my style. Everyone will fail and fall and need to get back up again, and trust me, those days are extremely hard to get through; but it is so very worth it when things slowly begin falling into place. Stress is no stranger and frustration becomes a good friend. Despite all of the hectic days and misbehaving kids, being an art teacher is a job like none other. Yes it is hard, but if it wasn’t would it be worth it? I don’t think so. Art in itself is a challenge, and my need to share that with our future generations takes precedence over any obstacle that may seek to tear me down.

I have written recently about the current creative state of our students…or lack there of. Recently though, I have seen such a change, and in such a short time. Right now I have 6th graders working with clay – some for the first time – 7th graders creating amazing linoleum block prints morphed into original collages, and 8th graders working on realistic paintings of images they took themselves. I have students coming in for extra time to work on projects, asking me questions about how to improve their current work, and creating work that both them and myself can be proud of. It’s incredible to know that this will actually be my job; running around an art room getting entirely too excited about the work my students are creating. I would say, at this point, that when they look at me like I am insane, it can be marked down as a definite accomplishment.

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