Finding Light

It’s the last week of summer before the new semester starts up. I plan to recharge myself by taking a small vacation to Outer Banks, NC. And of course I am taking probably too much photography equipment with me: large format 8×10, medium format 120mm Mamiya, my 35mm film camera, and of course my digital camera with all the fixings. As I look at all my equipment I wish I were the cartoon character Felix the Cat with his wonderful bag of tricks. Great, now that tune is stuck in my head. I think the fear of not having the right equipment for that next great shot will drive me crazy!!

Besides my vacation, I also attended a local music fest this past weekend at Montage Mountain. It was a great time, and hopefully I took some good pictures. Scranton truly has a lot going for it. My Color Photography professor Niko Kallianiotis has been saying this all along, but I was stubborn and reluctant to believe Scranton is truly the “Electric City.” I am so busy I haven’t even looked at them yet. Maybe I might sit out on the porch and wait for the sunset and load them up. If I find anything good I will add them to my next week blog.

I say all this because if you look hard enough you can find form and shape, or see things differently, if you are patient. These pictures I drove past many times and never thought twice about taking them.


So stop and smell the roses? No way stop and see the light!

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