Finishing Inktober

Hey guys! It’s official, it’s November!

How did everyone do? I’m happy to say that, despite some ups and downs, with some planning, I managed to make it to my goal of making 31 ink drawings in the month of October!

I must admit, I have attempted it other years, and I had always been cut short, a week or even a few days, in. Admittedly, I always thought if I skipped one day, or made one bad drawing, then I had to stop. I had failed. But I sketched ahead, planned a lot of my compositions ahead of time. Though there wasn’t a theme to go along with min, as a lot of other artists tend to do. I think my goal was just to do it, to claim that I had been able to. To show myself that if I could set a goal, I could accomplish it!

Over all, I’m really proud of myself. Some pieces weren’t as great as others, I must admit, but every piece was something that could be built up later. I plan on going back to rework some of them into illustrations. Some I may even color and turn into posters or something along those lines!

I think it’s important to challenge yourself, it helps improve your art, but also encourages you to push past your limits, and create things that you wouldn’t have thought you could!

Here’s a few of my favorites throughout the month! Others can be checked out on my other post for inktober!



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