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Travel Rant

No Rant. Traveling is ok except for carrying 5 billion pounds of luggage. Ok a slight exaggeration but when you haven’t slept for 5 billion hours they get real heavy and tiresome. I am here in Florence, Italy and things are going non-stop. School starts Lunedi (Monday). By the time you are reading this Monday is a few days ago. Finding my apartment was very challenging as streets are not so similar as they are in America. Streets go every which way, not just north/south and east/west, so you just can’t say I am going to head in that direction because that direction isn’t where you will end up, unless you are looking for lost, then you will find that. Even so, getting lost is fun because you get to find new adventures you wouldn’t find if you knew where you are going. Ok, I have to say the Folks at Lufthansa, the German airline I took to get here, are Awesome! I will take pictures of the seats when I fly home. I really should have done it coming over.

Since arriving I’ve taken a few Touristy type pictures of some things around the inner city of Florence. My apartment is within rock throwing distance of the Duomo! My friends from Marywood said their apartment is right next to it (very jealous) but they said I could use their apartment for pictures so not too bad.

Went to Ravenna to sight-see, so hopefully I will have some good photos to show you next week.


Weekly quote~

“Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.” – Ansel Adams

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