First Friday Scranton of July

Last week, my boyfriend and I took a trip to downtown Scranton to view the First Friday art works. I came across a few artists that I loved.

Funnily enough, we came across The Gallery of Scranton which had many art pieces displayed, although, they weren’t participating in First Friday; I’m going to include them anyways because it held most of my favorite pieces that I saw that day.

To start, I found the artist Helen Lavelle who worked with oil on canvas to make a collection of dark and emotional pieces using heavy and visible brushstrokes.

Each of these pieces are being sold for just under $2,000 and are being displayed at The Gallery of Scranton.

Also in The Gallery of Scranton are the sculpture pieces by Paul R. DeLuca.

The first piece is named “We All Start Here” which is made of clay. It uses many shapes and textures with color to create the strange piece. It is being sold for $2,500.

The second piece being a vase named “Bloom” also made of clay. He designed the exterior with one large section of texture and a white glaze and a bare textured mouth. This piece is being sold for $900.

Lastly, in this gallery I found one large piece by Timothy Hawkesworth.

This amazing piece is made with oil, pencil, wax, and collage pieces and is well named “Written in Our Own Hand.”

Moving on to Art Works in Scranton, I came across a marble sculptor who had many of his pieces on display.

Charles Welles is able to create simplistic, round marble pieces that resemble human movement and shape. Using different kinds of marble and marble colors, he was able to draw me in immediately. Each of these pieces are going for $2,800, although the white figure went for $2,200 and was sold.

Thanks for following along and I urge everyone to get out and see art!

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