First Screen Printing 

In my last post, I talked about working on a film to make the stencil for my screen printing project. The image was placed on a screen that already had a dried layer of emulsion. The screen and image were then placed in a machine that burns the image into the emulsion on the screen. Once the screen is taken out of the machine it’s is rinsed to get any left over emulsion cleaned out of the design.

My design is the scales. The image in the background is just from someone else’s project and won’t show up in my final image.

I decided to print the image on some left over fabric that I had and make a pillow. I printed one scale in purple and another in blue so that the image would be on both sides of the pillow.

Next I sewed the two pieces of fabric together and stuffing them. Finally, I added the word “libra” in fabric paint.

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