First Steps

Just this past Thursday I finished up my design internship at Mondo Publishing. This was a great experience that I was fortunate enough to do. Being able to work in New York City and get the feel for an office environment as well as creating portfolio pieces was truly a great starting point for my career.

Throughout the internship I got to work a lot with the Adobe software program called InDesign. Going into the internship I had a very basic knowledge of the program. It was just enough for me to be able to accomplish the tasks that were given to me.

Mondo Publishing is a textbook company so I was helping with making student and teacher worksheets. In making them I took the Word documents that the editors had gone through and placed them into their InDesign template. This helped me to learn so much about spacing, size of text, placement of text, and readability.

These skills are key things to know in graphic design because you want your audience to be able to understand the message that you are portraying, or in this case, I wanted the students and the teachers to be able to read the worksheets clearly.

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