First Trip to Philly, Part 2

Since there was so much that I saw on my first trip to Philadelphia recently, I thought it would be better to split up my experience of the trip into two different posts!

This post is about one of the two museums that we visited called the Fabric Workshop and Museum which featured three separate exhibits.

Nate Young

The first artist was Nate Young and he had two pieces of art work that were displayed. One of them was a black staircase that was hidden in the darkness. So when you first get off the elevator and you look to your left all you see is a black drape. I will admit I walked by the piece of art the first time. Once you got closer you were able to see the staircase. But the creativity and the thought that was put into that piece was quite amazing to me.


The second show was all silkscreens that were done by high school and college students that attended the museum’s apprentice program. The silkscreen pieces that only used one color were done by the high school students while the rest with more than one color were done by college students. Some of those pictures are posted below.

Cynthia Hopkins

Cynthia Hopkins show Memorabilia was the final show in this museum. From her artwork and her writing it portrayed the hardship that she has grown up with and how she has coped with it through her art. Some of her artwork was so powerful and meaningful that they told a story. A lot of her pieces were items that she had in her house or from her dad, etc. For example one of the pieces that struck me the most as creative and simple was where she took all her old tests from science classes and pinned them up to create a piece of art work. It was huge and yet even though it was so simple it was detailed because of all the different size papers all the different hand writings and colors of ink. In my opinion she is an artist that pours her hardships into her work not only to show others but to bring back the memories of her past.

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