Five Minutes

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have a lot of time for artsy things this summer. I’ll have a lot of time to make up for this, though, when I spend my semester in Barcelona! Hopefully in the next few weeks when I get there, I will have much more interesting things to talk about, since I will be surrounded by art, and actually have time to do my own. So until then, please, hang in with me.

What I have been doing, in the meantime, though, is taking the few minutes I do have for myself (like if I get to work 5 minutes early) and drawing in pen/marker. This way, I have no time to try and correct my mistakes. I just focus on drawing what’s in front of me, and carefully do the best I can. One day before work, I tried drawing my hand. Even with an eraser, this proves to be one of the hardest/most annoying tasks. Even though it was difficult, and while I was drawing them, the hands looked weird and kind of off, a few days later I looked at the drawings again, and they’re actually pretty successful! So even if you have literally five minutes of free time in your day, you still have no excuse to not have some art in your day!

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