Flower Shadow Box

For years I’ve been collecting flowers and pressing them in a flower and leaf press my Nana gave me. I always loved how they came out and the fact that it immortalizes them. I’ve used them in gift cards, wax seals, and scrapbooks, but I wanted to do something more with them. So, I had the idea to create an art piece using pressed flowers and leaves exclusively. I centered the piece around the colors purple and yellow, which are complimentary, and just so happen to be the primary colors of flowers I had.

I started this by placing the leaves and rose petals and other flowers in different formations to see what fit best. Eventually, I got it at a place I like. So, layer by layer, I placed Elmer’s glue on the backs of the leaves and flowers with a paintbrush, being extremely careful as they are very brittle. Between layers, I placed a flat weight on top to help secure them.

The two sides, purple and yellow, reflect amazingly off each other. I had a great time making this and have been collecting a lot more flowers to create more like this. Thank you for reading and I hope this inspired you!

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