Fluid Art

Lately I’ve been obsessing over some pretty stellar art Instagram accounts. A lot of them are awesome Typography pages, but I stumbled upon this one abstract art page that really caught my attention so I thought I’d share it with everyone this week!

The Instagram account is called ma.artlife and the artist behind it is named Crystal Ma. She is from California and she creates some of the coolest abstract art that I’ve ever seen. Crystal calls her work “fluid art”, and she is self-taught and uses acrylic and resin paint to make some incredible paintings. The paint is created by mixing diluted paint with pouring medium and water, and then a small amount of silicon is added to trigger a chemical reaction. The paint solution is then either poured directly onto a canvas or it is released onto the canvas using an upside down cup.

She features a lot of videos on her Instagram page showing the process of making the paintings, and it is just as cool as the pieces themselves. It is definitely mesmerizing; I find myself watching the videos over and over again. I definitely plan to try out this technique for myself in the future. I’m all about the marbled details and how effortless she makes all the designs look. I have never seen another artist do a piece quite like hers, so it was pretty refreshing to discover her art as it popped up on my explore feed one day.

These are some of my favorite paintings that she has done and featured on her Instagram page, but I totally recommend checking out her Instagram page to see the rest of her work and the videos of the process as well!

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