Fly Fishing

This past Saturday was opening day for trout fishing in New Jersey. It is a yearly tradition that I go back home to fly fish on that day with my youngest brother. I thought of doing something along the lines as one of my recent posts and coming up with a series that are Fly Fishing themed.

Chris - Rod Set up

Setting Up the Fly Rod

I took plenty of photographs of our day out and will use them as reference for coming up with these drawings in the future. I captured many angles of my brother instead of just straight on shots. These will provide unique drawings.

Sledgehammer II

I plan on doing them all in the same style as I had done for my family illustrations. I really like the style of using black to block in the hard shadows and then using solid color to fill in the rest. I will try and do them in steps; setting the fly up, casting, re-tying a fly, casting, catching, then holding up the trout.

Rod Set Up - Illustration

Above is the finished piece. I decided to use a vivid orange as the background to complement the blue nicely. The smoky effect is something I also enjoy to implement.

We caught a few trout, but will have many more opportunities in the future. I will eventually post the final series when I finish it.

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